Welcome to The Meininki Studios. We are a small indie group of people, interested in developing games and other small projects.

Our projects so far

ABANDONED - Planet Deserra

Deserra is a survival game, set in alterate universe where humanitys home planet, Deserra, has come under assault from infecting spores that turn people into zombies. You play as left behind survivor, who must scavenge food, medical supplies and scrap to craft items. By reading datalogs found every now and then, you can discover your way out from this doomed planet.


Fast and dirty prototype for knit pattern designer software. Designer can be used for designing patterns and reader can be used when actually knitting. This application is currently only available in Finnish.


Little bingo implementation. "Events" are stored in array, along with integer value, lower being easier. When bingo chart is randomly generated, easier "events" are placed more in the center of 5 x 5 grid.

Euroviisu pisteytin 2021

Full stack application that lets you rate each competiting countrys eurovision song and compare results with other users. Frontend is vanilla js, backend is handled by node.js with express and websocket. Data is saved into postgres database and everything runs on heroku platform.

No link currently available

Fast Dice Roller

A dice roller application for wargames, that require "buckets of dice" rolled at once. Simply click button that matches the number of 6-sided dice you want to roll and results are displayed on the top.

Bitwise Operators Demo

A small project for demonstrating how bitwise operators work in JavaScript language.

Pong Game

Pong made with vanilla JavaScript. The catch is that I didn't look any instructions about how to make a game with canvas when I made this (had to look at documentation for some JavaScript components, though). Control with mouse.

Waves GGJ2017

HTML5 game made with phaser. While not officially GGJ2017 game, it was made based on that years theme. You play as a surfer boy, avoiding sharks. Drag with mouse and release to jump.

Airgineer GGJ2020

You are an airship engineer and your ship is under attack by sky pirates. Try to keep all engines running by repairing them if they get damaged by cannonballs fired by pirates. How long can you stay in the air before the engines give out?

Made for GGJ2020 by a team of 3 people using Godot engine.

Cyberdisk 3000 GGJ2021

A game of air hockey between gritty contesters, where you can lose your attire and find some new. Prepare for interesting new fashion combinations.

Made for GGJ2021 by a team of 7 people using Unity engine. We weren't able to make it completely playable in time, but improved version and required server backend can be found from repository linked in GGJ page.

Awesome Lan Party Sleeper Manager

A small application for keeping count of how many people are sleeping in a lan party sleeping area.

Super Special Awesome Tournament Pairing Tool

A small tool for handling automatic pairing and score upkeeping in tournaments. It tries to only do pairings between people that haven't played against eachother yet and tries to put people with higher scores against eachother.

Zone Exploration Game

Quick and dirty prototype for a card game idea, inspired by Roadside Picnic novel.

Hex Wargame

An excercise project for translating a hex based board game into html5 game. Playable, but does not have a clear victory condition.