Welcome to The Meininki Studios. We are a small indie group of people, interested in developing games and other small projects.

Our projects so far

ABANDONED - Planet Deserra

Deserra is a survival game, set in alterate universe where humanitys home planet, Deserra, has come under assault from infecting spores that turn people into zombies. You play as left behind survivor, who must scavenge food, medical supplies and scrap to craft items. By reading datalogs found every now and then, you can discover your way out from this doomed planet.

Makers: Teemu Hemminki, Kai Tuominen, Tomi Ranta, Jere Riikonen


Fast and dirty prototype for knit pattern designer software. Designer can be used for designing patterns and reader can be used when actually knitting. This application is currently only available in Finnish.

Makers: Teemu Hemminki


Multiple bingos for different occassions, running on same engine. "Events" are stored in array, along with integer value, lower being easier. When bingo chart is randomly generated, easier "events" are placed more in the center of 5 x 5 grid.

Makers: Teemu Hemminki

Fast Dice Roller

A dice roller application for wargames, that require "buckets of dice" rolled at once. Simply click button that matches the number of 6-sided dice you want to roll and results are displayed on the top.

Makers: Teemu Hemminki

Bitwise Operators Demo

A small project for demonstrating how bitwise operators work in JavaScript language.

Makers: Teemu Hemminki

Bong Game

Bong made with vanilla JavaScript. The catch is that I didn't look any instructions about how to make a game with canvas when I made this (had to look at documentation for some JavaScript components, though). Control with mouse.

Makers: Teemu Hemminki

Awesome Lan Party Sleeper Manager

A small application for keeping count of how many people are sleeping in a lan party sleeping area.

Makers: Teemu Hemminki

Zone Exploration Game

Quick and dirty prototype for a card game idea, inspired by Roadside Picnic novel.

Makers: Teemu Hemminki

Hex Wargame

An excercise project for translating a hex based board game into html5 game. Playable, but does not have a clear victory condition.

Makers: Teemu Hemminki

The Meininki Studios is

Kai Tuominen - Art

Teemu Hemminki - Code and Game Design

Jere Riikonen - Music

Tomi Ranta - Story