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This is a simple little prototype for a card game idea. Player gets a team that has to explore the mysterious zone (take a look at Roadside Picnic novel or S.T.A.L.K.E.R. video games). Your objective is to find treasures from the zone and return safely home. You have 3 randomly generated characters (top row), with different skills and special abilities. Next are 3 randomized locations of which you have to choose one, each location has some kind of hidden hazard and attributes that make that hazard easier, more challenging, more rewarding etc. Hazards require the use of one of characters 3 skills.

At any time, you can push "Travel back button". After that, your travel count will start to reduce. When it hits 0, you have exited the zone and have won the game.

Characters have 3 different kinds of special abilities. Scout lets you check hazards of areas before traveling to them. Medic can save a dying character. Other three will let character reroll a skill check for that type of skill.